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MMA Animals Story

MMA Animals are 8 different Mixed Martial Artists Animals from 8 different regions of the world. Each has already mastered their own martial arts and now they are training and competing to be the world champion.

It is a never-ending journey into the lives of all 8 MMA Animals. A constant reflection into their life long journeys as they prepare for upcoming competitions and deal with cultural life issues. Set in 8 different regions of the world, educating viewers about the regional cultures, ways of life, training techniques and disciplines.

The 8 main MMA Animals are divided into 2 different training teams headed by the two best trainers in the world, North American fight trainer, Roach and Asian fight trainer, Bengal Tiger (NAME COMING).

The stories focus on dedication, support, mental and physical strengths and teamwork. All play an important role in the development of children and young teens social skills and emotions.

After humans have been the dominant species on planet Earth for 200,000 years, they have polluted the environment and used up almost all of the natural resources. [almost like the humans in the movie Wall E] In 2055 AD the planet experienced a natural break down and the plates in the earth shifted, causing weather changes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, meteoroid showers and earth quakes.

After the disasters the way of life as humans knew it was done. Thousands of years of advancement and it was like humans had to start all over again, but with ruined landmarks resembling the history of earth. But something no human could have ever imagined happened. Animals inherited human characteristics during the disasters. The animals stood, spoke and moved like humans.

The remaining humans reacted with fear and began fighting with the animals. As the years of fighting went on the humans started to realize that the animals are now their equals. But during this time the various animals started fighting amongst them selves on top of fighting with the humans. It took a great warrior from what was once Japan, to strike so much fear in the other creatures they would surrender to this warrior. Master Kotashi, a Japanese snow monkey that has spent his entire life training in various fighting techniques.

Master Kotashi created peace by personally selecting a great warrior from each of the eight continents. They created a united civilizations of the planet and Master Kotashi was the head of the organization. Each year they held an MMA (mixed martial arts) tournament where one representative would fight to become the head of the organization. This was the new way of distributing the planets resources fairly. But depending on how you did in the tournament set the amount of the resources your civilization would receive.

Each region has a different selection system to get into the tournament. The pigs have an American university rank system then professional (NFL esque) way of choosing the best fighter to enter the tournament. The Jaguars of Brazil hold massive tournaments and compete all year long to be chosen to fight. Russian bears drill all year long for a 2 month tournament fighting for days on top of days to determine there representative. The snow monkeys don’t fight the simply hold demonstrations like American idol in front of judges to display their skills.

After many years the humans have never won the tournament. Humans have quickly become the under dogs and have not received enough resource to earn respect form the animals. Their existents is dwindling and they are living in fear of the animals.

Each region has humans on it but the animals stay amongst them selves. The human have been pushed to the outskirts and forced to survive off next to nothing. Some of the regions have peace treaties and the animals are welcome to visit and train and even in some cases live. But many don’t and do not welcome each other peacefully. This usually has to do with the out comes in the tournament each year.