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Get to Know Staajabu


Judo, Kick Boxing

Jiu Jitsu, Pehlwani (Indian Wrestling)


Born in Cameroon, his family’s village was destroyed by a rebel gang of crocs. Japanese peace monkeys rescued Staajabu 2 days after the attack. He was the only survivor and only 8 months old. The baby was taken back to Japan and was housed in the back of a peaceful Judo temple on the top of the highest mountain. The servants of the temple raised him until he was 8 years old. When the Master of the temple realized his strength he was allowed to live amongst the other students and learn Judo. By 14 he had received his black belt and was allowed to train with the adults. He was cleaning out the advanced divisions at the local Judo tournaments. At 16 Staajabu was a celebrity in Japan winning Olympic gold in front of his country! His achievements at a young age helped the Judo temple flourish. Longing to learn more about his family he returned to Africa at 17 to study his roots. He has opened up a gym there to teach judo to his people.